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Frequently Asked Questions

Q ) Who can have reflexology ?
A) Anyone can have a session, there is no age limit to relax and enjoy the benefits of reflexology.
There are some situations where reflexology may have to be postponed, anyone suffering from a foot condition (verrucas, athletes foot) and first three months of pregnancy.

Q) Do I need to supply anything ?
I would be grateful if you could supply a pillow and towel large enough to wrap both feet in.
If you have a recliner chair or foot stool I can happily work from my floor chair at your feet or I can bring my reflexology chair.

Q) Do I need more than one session ?
A) Ideally, yes. Complementary therapies are always best done as a course to allow your body to start healing itself. I recommend 6 weekly sessions then a monthly "top up" is usually all that is required.

Q) How will I feel afterwards ?
Everyone responds in their own unique way, you may feel relaxed, sleepy or invigorated and raring to go !!

Q) What if I need to cancel ?
A) I kindly ask you to give me 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment so I can offer your time to another client. In the rare occurrence of repeated cancellations and missed appointments I reserve the right to ask for payment in advance for your session. This charge is then non refundable should you cancel or forget your appointment. Thank you.

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